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QueerVoyance offers spiritual classes for those seeking to nourish their souls, join with community and develop their clairvoyance. We work to deepen your connection with your own truth, confidence and joy. 

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 Begins October

Show up confidently as your authentic and awesome self by learning how to tap into your inner knowing.

Whether you've been on the spirit-seeking journey for awhile, or you're just getting started, QueerVoynace offers classes and community to support your spiritual development. Starting with the foundational skills of meditation and self-healing students, will deepen their relationship with their confidence, authenticity and intuition.

As a queer person, you are probably all too aware of how hard it can be to show up (aka come out) as your true self in a world that does not always validate your creative and unique essence. As a spiritually-curious person, you may have found that your explorations into other spiritual communities haven't validated your unique queer perspective or experience. 

Did you know that just by being your queer self, you've already embarked on the spiritual journey of being your true self? 

There is such a beautiful and deep connection between your queer self and your spiritual self (they are one and the same after all!). In so many ways, queer people have been at the vanguard of spiritual self-discovery just by delving deeply into their knowingness of who they truly are and owning it. You've already been on the journey of being your true self, and role modeling to others how to do it too. 

At times, you may have found it exhausting or isolating. Perhaps demoralizing in the face of the social-political climate. It is so important to carve out a space for us to be in community, heal ourselves and to nourish our spirits. We have an innate drive to express our full self with certainty and joy--sometimes we just need the tools and support to do so.


Are you ready?

Come join a community of healers, psychics and spiritual seekers as we learn the skills to connect with your own truth, joy and healing. 

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Located in Boulder, Colorado

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