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QueerVoyance is on a mission to offer a spiritual community to queer people. 

One of the hardest lessons in this life is to learn how to be yourself. It's an ongoing, ever-evolving lesson for all of us humans. Through the use of clairvoyant, or "queervoyant," development and energy healing classes, QueerVoyance offers a place of respite, camaraderie and support in knowing yourself with greater certainty and clarity.


As spirits with bodies, we need to nurture ourselves as we move through a culture that so often denies the existence of spirit. As queer humans, we need to honor our true self in a world that often tells us that we are not ok exactly as, and who, we are. 

Queervoyance is in its founding year! Come join a new and growing community!


Your Facilitator

Kathleen (she/her) has been hanging around the metaphysical realms for over a decade in this lifetime, and many lifetimes prior. She identifies as a white (Irish, Ukrainian, Polish), queer and cis female. She loves laughing, backpacking, nature, and, oh yes, giving clairvoyant readings and spiritual healings. She's felt called to teaching since her early years. She is grateful to have found a path that allows her to teach spiritual growth, authenticity, boundaries, healing and empowerment in a truly magical way.

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