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Welcome to class! As a student, you'll start with learning your basics in Self-Healing & Meditation. This is the foundational class required before taking any others. Even if you've received training with another institute, or done your own self-study, joining this class will ground and orient you to this approach. 


Some advanced classes will directly engage with queer issues--like working with your coming out narrative--but classes will mostly be focused on giving you the tools to see more clearly (or queerly).


Classes are only for those who self-identify as being part of the queer / LGBTQ+ community. 

Classes are currently only available in-person in Boulder, Colorado. If you are not local and interested in future Zoom classes, please reach out and express your interest.

Limited scholarships are available. Please reach out if finances are of a concern.


Self-Healing & Meditation 101

This introductory class is set in the energy of kindergarten (aka playful learning)! Come learn the foundational tools to healing yourself and meditation. Along the way, you'll explore chakras, auras and learn what it means to "run your energy" and "own your space." These are the prerequisite skills for clairvoyant training. 

The two-hour class meets weekly for 6 weeks and includes access to a bi-weekly practice clinic.


Next class begins in October. 

Bi-weekly practice clinic TBD.

Cost: $240 

To register for classes, please use the contact form.


Intro to Queervoyant Skills

Continue on your spiritual journey by beginning to learn clairvoyant, or psychic, reading skills. These foundational skills will help you see yourself more clearly by learning how to identify and release energy that does not align with you. You'll also start to develop the skills to give a clairvoyant reading. 

Class meets weekly for 8 weeks and includes access to a bi-weekly practice clinic.

Prerequisite: Self-Healing & Meditation 101 

This class is not yet available.


Advanced Queervoyant Skills

Now that you've got some foundational skills under your belt, you're ready to start to dive more deeply into knowing your spiritual self. Each week we'll address a new topic--including spiritual anatomy, energetic boundaries, Akashic Records, healing skills--all designed for you to root more deeply within yourself and express your truth. You'll affirm and strengthen your natural intuition.

Class meets weekly for a year and includes access to a bi-weekly practice clinic.

Prerequisite: Intro to Queervoyant Skills

This class is not yet available.

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Located in Boulder, Colorado

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